Capricorn is sometimes represented by a sign that is half goat and half fish and sometimes represented by a mountain goat.

The Basics

Dates: December 22 – January 19

Those born between December 22 and January 19 are considered to be born under Capricorn as their sun sign.

Element: Earth

Earth signs are known to be pragmatic and grounded

Quality: Cardinal

Cardinal signs tend to be leaders

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Saturn is associated with agriculture, society, and order.

Tarot Card: The Devil

The Devil is sometimes associated with the Greek god Dionysus and is often shown watching over a captive male and female figure. In a reading, the Devil is associated with temptations of the material world as well as fear and entrapment and bondage. 

Positive Personality Traits

Capricorns are hardworking, grounded, and diligent. They tend to be driven and have an innate ability to analyze almost any situation with a cool head. Capricorns also have a natural talent for seeing through illusions either emotional or political, which is perhaps why they almost always seem to be so clear-headed. 

Capricorns can also become fierce when it comes to making a point and are unlikely to back down from an argument. While this may occasionally put Capricorns in danger, they are often adept at protecting themselves. 

Capricorns are often good when it comes to numbers and analysis, which helps them get a read on most situations. Capricorns also tend to make great leaders, . 

Negative Traits:

When it comes to achieving goals, Capricorns can be relentless, which means that they will put their goals before anything else, which may come off as cold and inflexible. The drive for success might even make Capricorns keep things for themselves instead of sharing. The mountain goat in Capricorn makes them stubborn, which means that Capricorns may be hard to argue with and will hate admitting that they are wrong. 

Capricorns are also very guarded, which makes them hard to read and that, along with their penchant for analysis might come off as cold and emotionless to others. This, however, does not mean that Capricorns aren’t passionate. In fact, they can be relentless when it comes to winning an argument which, while an asset in many cases, can also become an obstacle. 

The Capricorn’s streak of perfectionism can also be self-destructive. 

Capricorns in Relationships

Capricorns are naturally loyal and caring and will go a long way to help those that they love. Their fierce loyalty and ability to analyze, and win, an argument, tends to make Capricorns great allies.  However, when Capricorns are crossed, they can be formidable, and they also aren’t afraid to cut off relationships with abusive friends or family members. 

When it comes to love lives, Capricorns tend to guard their emotions and their heart, which makes Capricorns hard to understand until they’re ready to open up. When Capricorns do choose a family, this often happens later in life because they want to feel secure before entering a relationship. 

Capricorns and Career

Capricorns can be extremely determined when it comes to their professional life. Capricorns will almost always get to the top, regardless of obstacles. While they can be great leaders, Capricorns can be tough bosses.