The Lovers

The Lovers typically depicts a man and a woman who appear to be protected and blessed in their union. They are content, happy, and secure in their home.  The card is often associated with balance and love.


Upright: union, partnership, balance, a relationship, romance

Reversed: Imbalance, conflict, detachment

The Lovers Upright

The lovers are generally associated with harmony, trust, and unity in a relationship. The lovers represent a close intimate relationship and are often associated with romantic relationships. The lovers may also represent a choice between two things that are mutually exclusive or the development of a personal belief system.

The Lovers Reversed

The Lovers seen upside down or reversed can signal an internal conflict, disharmony. The disharmony may put pressure on your relationships. The card in reverse may also indicate a breakdown of communication or avoidance of responsibility.

The Lovers in a Love Reading

Upright: The appearance of the Lovers is generally a positive sign in a love reading. The card signifies cohesiveness, unity, and commitment. However, it may also signify a choice between love and something else important in your life.

Reversed: When the Lovers appear in reverse during a romance reading, this may suggest a lack of balance in a relationship. You may have the feeling that something isn’t working, even if it’s worked in the past. The issue must be resolved if you hope to achieve success in love. This cared may also point to fear of commitment or too many suitors.

The Lovers in a Career Reading

Upright: In a career reading the lovers may signal a harmonious and mutually beneficial business partnership. The partnership may be platonic or romantic in nature. The card may also signify a relationship with a colleague. 

Reversed: A reversed Lovers card in a career reading warns of a potential conflict with colleagues or disharmony in the workplace. The card calls on you to examine the situation and figure out whether one person is doing the major share of the work. The card may also appear as a warning against a workplace romance that will cause trouble in the long run.

The Lovers in Finances

Upright: The appearance of the Lovers in a reading about finances might mean that you’ll need to choose between two future expenses or two future paths. The decision will have a significant impact on the future, and you should consider your choices carefully.

Reversed: Seeing the Lovers in reverse warns against impulsive financial choices and encourages you to be responsible instead.